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The Motrice is located in the centre of Poschiavo, opposite Palazzo Mengotti, which houses the Poschiavo Museum. The restaurant’s history goes back more than one hundred years. Built by our great-grandfather, Bernardino Isepponi, it opened to the public in early 1912. In 1982, the old building was replaced by a new building designed by architect Prospero Gianoli. The modern, spacious new building houses a small shopping centre including the new Motrice Restaurant, the Isepponi printing house and the Bordoni bakery/confectioner's.

Award: In 1987, the Motrice building complex was presented with a Grisons architectural award in recognition of its uniqueness and versatility.

Warmth, friendliness and hospitality are the hallmarks of the Motrice Restaurant, a fourth-generation family-run business. Ornella and Fausto Isepponi-Gugiatti and their family and staff offer a warm welcome to their charming restaurant steeped in history.

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Magazine commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Motrice Restaurant

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